You’ll never want to leave. You and your team have one hour to save dinner and find more sausages!

This escape room adventure is our brightest set yet; we’ve built a seaside!  

Escape games are an awesome way to spend quality time with friends and family while solving puzzles together, and in this live action game Mr Punch is cooking Sausage Surprise for Mrs Punch when all of a sudden the naughty crocodile appears and eats all the sausages!

You will start in front of the Punch and Judy show, with a ice cream shop to your left, and the beach huts to your right, which way will you go first in another big multi space adventure!

From the writer of ‘The Crazy Cat Lady’ and ‘Rob the Bank’… Know Escape proudly presents ‘Sausage Surprise’.

“It’s amazing – I walked onto the set and squealed, it looks so good, I love to run this game!” – Stephanie, Gamesmaster, Know Escape!

Players: 2-8 players
Game Time: 60 minutes
Recommended Age: 4+
Difficulty: 3/5