After the bank robbery Cousin Angie fled with some gold deep into the woods to the hideout.

You and your team of birdwatchers are in the bird hide when you hear commotion in the distance. You hear loud bangs and see Angie make a run for it.

The hideout is deserted, except for some strange noises coming from the outside toilet. Someone is clearly locked in and on the edge of their seat.

You exit the bird hide and head towards the hideout. The adventure begins.

This is the fourth part of the Rob the Bank story, written by the same game writer who wrote Rob the Bank, Rob the Bank 2 (The Getaway), Rob the Bank 3 (Escape the Night (an overnight escape room game)), and now Rob the Bank 4 (The Hideout).

You don’t need to have played any of the previous games to enjoy this one.

It’s funny, it’s silly, and it’s a big explorable set. 

It’s Know Escape, it’s escape rooms done right.

multi-room FUN - 60 minute escape game

Players: 2-8 players
Game Time: 60 minutes
Recommended Age: 8+
Difficulty: 4/5

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