Rob the Bank

Start in the back of a van crashed through the wall of a bank.  One hour to avoid the security guard and steal 100 gold bars from the vault. It’s midnight. This game was voted one of the best in the UK, 2023.

The Governor

You awake handcuffed, blindfolded and disorientated in the cell of an abandoned, haunted Victorian prison. Huge multi-room set with lots of surprises, you’ll jump and then you’ll laugh about why you jumped. 

The Crazy Cat Lady

Eerie Motel, California

Eerie Motel, California, is a huge 1960s-themed Route 66 American Motel and is an action-packed adventure to recover a stolen diamond. In 2022 the game was shortlisted as one of the top 100 games in the world.  Three couples have got engaged in the set.

An Hour to Kill, Hollywood

Set in the 1940s Hollywood Dressing Room of 1940’s Hollywood stage actress,  Ruby Rose, who has a habit of marrying men and then killing them. You have one hour until the interval, can you help save husband number ten?

The Last Testament

You arrive at your now deceased Great Uncle’s now deserted house, the power is off, and it’s dark and dusty!  The solicitor has an envelope, inside which is a VHS tape.  What has Uncle Reg got to say? Why does he want you? What is the secret?

Escape the Night

The UK’s First Overnight Escape Room. You’ll spend the night in our luxury self-contained loft apartment (directly above the Bishop’s Stortford Escape Rooms venue). You arrive at Cousin Angie’s apartment the day after the bank robbery. You unlock her front door and head up the staircase to find the answer phone flashing. Angie is not here, but she has left a message, something is very wrong, you can hear it in her voice, Angie needs your help…. again.

Deep Trouble

With water leaking in (not actual water, it’s ball pit balls!) you and your team have one hour to stop the leaks, find coal, fuel the boiler and raise the sub to the surface.  In the first part of the game, you are split into two teams and race against each other; you’ll be able to see and communicate with your entire party at all times! Once you’ve completed mission one, you will merge together to solve the final challenges in this huge and beautifully themed submarine!

Sausage Surprise

Crocodile has eaten all the Sausages! Your team will start on the beach in front of the Punch and Judy show, with an ice cream shop to their left and the beach huts to your right; which way will they go first in another fun multi-space adventure? 



Teams ‘wake up’ in a Police Station cell, handcuffed to the wall, with no idea what they did last night. This is a substantial, explorable set based on a side street with a series of challenges and a mysterious and notorious character nearby.

You must find the groom; the wedding is in one hour!

The Cage

As you embark on this heart-racing journey, you’ll find yourself handcuffed, blindfolded, and completely disoriented from the very start. Your pulse will quicken as you confront the chilling truth: you’re being processed for your body parts in ‘The Cage’ restaurant, and your only chance at survival is to outsmart Jack Spade.

Jack is counting on you not making it out alive, but you’re not about to become just another victim in his sinister game.


Plunge into a heart-racing adventure that begins with a van, abandoned and cloaked in secrecy, nestled deep within the woods. This isn’t just any van; it’s the last known location of a UFO enthusiast who vanished just as he was on the brink of a groundbreaking discovery.

Can you discover the hidden mysteries before the government wipes the slate clean? The clock is ticking, the truth is here.


The action unfolds on a massive, immersive street set, where you and your team are surrounded by live actors and an array of interactive challenges. With the bank robbery complete, you are now stuck, the van wont start! This 62-minute game is so expansive that it includes an interval! Navigate through live-acted scenes and engaging puzzles. 

You don’t need to have played Rob the Bank, or Escape the Night to enjoy this adventure.


When Santa got Stuck up the Chimney!

The team start in Santa’s sleigh outside a cabin; Santa is inside, stuck in the chimney! Help, get him out! The first challenge is to unlock the front door! This is an extensive explorable set, typical Know Escape silliness, and a great start to the festive season!

As with all our games, we’ve spent a lot of time and effort building the storyline and writing an adventure suitable for all ages!


Christmas Candy Chaos

The adventure is based on a workshop themed around the North Pole sweet department. The elves have been exceedingly mischievous, and Santa has no candy to deliver to children this year; the machine has stopped.

Players must get into the production line and restart the candy machine before Santa heads off into the sky to make this year’s deliveries.



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