Want to play but no availability? Send us a message! We may be able to run an extra game!!!

  • Only £45 per game
  • Kids friendly
  • No player limit
  • Real games master
  • Play with friends around the world
  • Play from the saftey of your own home


£45 per game.

No limit, we recommend up to 8 players. We will allow up to 8 connections to the game, if more than two people are playing from one location that isn’t an issue!

Yes!  Unless we say otherwise the themes are mild.  If there are younger ears present please let our games master know and they can ensure that the content is kept appropriate.

No, you can play with friends who are litterally anywhere with an internet connection!

Yes! We will be offering a selection of different games to get us all through the coming weeks.

We were very kindly allowed to use game plans by EscapeThisPodcast, rooms designed by Dani Siller.

We’ve taken these and adapted them to be in the style of one shot Dungeons & Dragons (without the character building) but 100% an escape room.  Think old school text based adventure but with graphics and your own dedicated games master!

No, you can play with your friends from your own houses.

Yes 15 minutes prior to your booking for the traditional briefing (we will spare you the full health and safety video though!)

We will send details out to you around 20 minutes before your game is due to start with instructions of you to connect to your session.

Most smartphones, tables and laptops / computers are supported.

The game itself is 60 minutes (unless other wise specified). Your Games Master will do a briefing and debriefing

Yes! We are frantically showing our Games Masters how to run these and getting them setup so they can work from home.

Yes! On your screen you will see a map (or at least what we want you to see of it). As the story progresses your games master will be there all the way through your game as you explore the room, solve puzzles and escape!

The Know Escape Heroes Club is being established to recognise a group of very special people who have supported us through the COVID-19 crisis.

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