NEWS RELEASE: 16/03/2020

Pre-Order Launch Sale Ends In…


Let us be straight, and level with you.

This ruddy virus is messing up our business, as people are fearful of booking. We’re not going to let it win, and we need be straight with you, and not plead for your business, we need to do better than that.

Since last year we’ve been designing, developing and testing Rob the Bank, as a board game. The game contains the fun elements of our smash hit ‘Rob the Bank’ escape room, including security, hiding, using the phone, running with gold, and in a special twist, an extra special element involving ‘Dinosaur Pizza’.

This will not be posted tomorrow, production is delayed, this ruddy virus is disrupting everything.

We are doing everything we can to bring Rob the Bank, the Board Game from the factory in Germany to market as fast as we can. We are estimating anything from 8 to 16 weeks, but cannot commit to exact dates, we are at the mercy of whatever is going on. I know you will understand this, it’s impossible for everyone, we’re all disrupted, but we are all in this together.

Prototype Design, may change before print.
Kelly and Hannah play testing version 3 of the game board.

Allison has been working tirelessly on the art work (Allison did the awesome books in The Crazy Cat Lady and When Santa Got Stuck Up The Chimney!), and Lenny and Justina have been working with the play testing teams, we couldn’t be happier with version 8 of the board, and would like to thank everyone involved in testing, feedback and ideas, we had great fun with you all!

The board looks fantastic, we’re not using plastic in production, and are producing the game ethically.

If you loved Rob the Bank, we need you to place your order with us now, and bare with us.

When the stock arrives we will be in touch to find out if you want to pick it up from one of our venues or have it shipped directly to your door.

So there you have it, this is how you help us, and we give you hours of entertainment back, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls… It’s time to Rob The Bank… again!

If you loved the escape room, and you want to help us, this is your chance to get one of the first copies from the first run (with the first edition stamp), and if you love our escape rooms, this is how you help us, thank you for supporting us.

Rob the Bank, the boardgame. Fun for the family, great for games nights, an ideal gift, and a way to show us some love in challenging times.

Pre order now! Go go go!

Feedback From Our Play Testers

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“It’s fun how anyone could be in the lead, and then everything could change, it really is all to play for!”
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“I love playing, really makes you think and plan ahead”
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“Nan came from nowhere and got my gold, trust nobody”
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“Wow, I love it! Just like the Escape Room, it’s very clever! Like how you don’t need to have previously experienced the escape room it’s based on to be able to play it”
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“It’s great to see a game that relates to my favourite ever escape room, and play against friends to win the most gold, it’s quick to pick up, and fun to play”
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“I won! I won!”
Lenny, Jus and Amelia testing version 6 of the game board.
Cousin Angie knows who stole the family gold. It’s midnight and Angie backs her Ford Transit into the side of Harman’s Bank. Just like in the Escape Room version of the game, you and your fellow players have one hour to jump out and get the gold back, but this time you are in competition, who will get the most gold?

All of the artwork of the game, including the board itself, any cards or miniatures it includes and any drawings in the instruction booklet are all protectable under copyright. Know Escape Ltd.


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