Online and Physical Escape Room Adventures to bring your team together

From the minute you enter an escape room you are part of a team effort.  The goal is clearly defined… escape!

We offer a variety of corporate team building experiences across all of our physical venues an via our online games which we can tailor to meet your requirements.

What is an Escape Room?

The ultimate objective is to escape within an hour! Escape Rooms are the perfect setting to reproduce an environment of tight deadlines and the stresses that your teams may face every day.  

Our unique team-building experience will give your team the opportunity to experiment with how they work as individuals under pressures but, even more importantly, as part of a team.  This experience will make for a character and team building day to remember. 

How does it work?

We allocate one real life person to each of your games (both those at our venues, and also for  games hosted online via our provided web conference solution).  

We’ve run over  20,000 physical room games since 2017, and over 2500 online games. We’re really good. 

Team-building days are Monday to Friday (we can offer weekends at special request).  

What does it cost?

Our pricing will be tailored as part of your package to ensure we have your every requirement covered.


Need a Boardroom?  Catering options?  Awesome Games?  We’ve got it all, and parking is free at Chelmsford and Bishop’s Stortford Venues, for online games you can  play from anywhere via web connected devices! 

We’re a VAT registered UK company, we’re also very professional, and really very lovely…  and we love Escape Rooms!